Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welfare State?

Arguments over the extension of long term unemployment and affordable health care brought up a very interesting perspective, that we are supporting a welfare state. But let us not fool ourselves, our charity only goes so far and does not extend only to the poor. Conservatives who are under the belief that tax breaks are equitable and do not need to be funded are demanding that their tax cuts not to be allowed to expire. Homeowners whose property is worth more than a million of dollars are up on arms in Vermont over reallocating property tax rebates to only those earning less than $90,000 per year. The property tax rebate is a form of subsidize housing for those having trouble maintaining their property tax bill.

We do not want to support a welfare state. We do not want to subsidize living expenses on those on unemployment. But we are fine subsidizing the property tax bill for people earning more than $50,000 in investments? Homeowners, whose homes were foreclosed upon after losing their jobs or due to their variable interest rates skyrocketing, were blamed for the housing crises. They were told that they had no right to buy a house which they cannot afford. They were told they were irresponsible for not choosing a home in which they could afford without subsidizing their property tax bill. Yet we are fine for those not living along poverty level to take advantage of services designed to help those in need, who claim they can only afford their $1,000,000+ homes through property tax breaks?

My advice for those who are not living along poverty levels is the same advice I received from them. Don’t to go out to eat as much. Don’t go to the movies as often. That alone should solve your financial worries. If that is not enough, then downsize your home. No one guaranteed you would be able to own a home, let alone how nice of one. Learn to live within your means, and don’t ride our backs to support your lazy butt! Now don’t get angry with me for saying this, for these are not my words. These are the callously spoken words to the poor folk who lost their jobs and homes due to downsizing by those whose lives were not in jeopardy. Perhaps they should listen to their own words and take them to heart.

-Silence Dogood

Sunday, August 1, 2010

No one man government here!

I want to remind people that President Obama is not the entire federal government, as a lot of ill informed and angry frustrated people that don't know a lot about government or how it works seem to think that he is. For example when something goes wrong in this country, like the disaster in the gulf, these people start to point the finger directly at the president. They were saying that he was to blame or that he is at fault. Then when Florida Sen. George LeMieux's got on air to grab headlines and to pander to the misinformed people, Exaggerating the facts saying the president was refusing help for the gulf disaster from other countries, it cemented the idea of it. The truth in the matter is that The government organization in charge of handling this disaster is the Coast Guard and offers has been excepted for help from several countries so far. When the people that do not now the facts, or listen to people that sounds like they are speaking the truth, they believe what they hear. The misinformed people now except that as fact and start to spread it around to other miss informed people believing it to be real. So now when a disaster strikes or something else bad happens, these people, thinking that they know what the truth is, and
blame him for it. On the other hand when something good happens or a disaster was prevented, the same politicians that was pointing fingers, now gladly go on air to take credit for themselves or their party.

When this happens people start placing more confidence in what the politicians say and do. People need to realize that even though he does have a lot of power and say in what happens in this country he is not the only one that makes decisions and laws that effect everyone in this country. We have the senate and the congress that also makes and passes laws too. Lately some of the members in the congress has been doing everything in their power to combat President Obama every time they get a chance to do so. They use different tactics to do this, like stalling important matter that effect everyone in the U.S. with filibustering. They also do this by trying to get everyone in congress together and vote against him and some of the ideas he has to help out everyone not in principle but spite because it goes against there personal agendas and there lobbyist. In my mind there priorities are all warped, not everyone in government mind you but a lot of them, because they seem to care first about themselves first, then there lobbyist and their
bank account, and then finally their constituents. They were voted into office by their constituents so that they have a voice in government but it seems to me that it all changes as soon as they are sworn into office. They do all have a lot of pressures
when it comes to there jobs and their duties but what makes them either good or bad is how they handle the pressure that comes their way. I also don't think that they go into
politics trying to be misguided and corrupt but they either just don't handle the pressures well or cave into peer pressure from lobbyist and senior officials. So you see that everyone has a lot of pressures and also has people to answer to, yes even the president, he has to answer to the people of this country.

He is not perfect by any means but who is in government now a days? Before people get together and start to point fingers at the president and his cabinet they should first learn and find out why the decisions were made before jumping to conclusions based on other peoples opinions on the matter instead of thinking for themselves. For example, we have so many people out there that watch and listen to people like Glenn Beck, Sara Palin, Fox News as well as so many others out there and just them without getting both sides of the story or getting any of the correct statements and facts.

To me it is amazing that they have so many ignorant, ill informed, mindless zombies in one place all seemingly sharing just one brain. In my opinion that one brain is FOX News, and they others out there that share their agenda because with every video I have seen lately on stories like this they all say and agree that they get all there news from one source. The source they get it from is FOX News. After watching hours of political videos mainly focusing on the Tea Party and the Republican party I see now why Fox News has good ratings. It is not hard to see why they do, just look at there viewers and you will see just why it is so. I think because mainly the majority of Fox's viewers are easily persuaded into thinking what ever they want them to think. To me it doesn't seem that hard to do that when you are dealing with people that don't have a lot of education, and is easily talked into doing and saying whatever there needed to think because they like the person or personality telling them what to think. They can't distinguish between liking someone and liking what they stand for. I like a lot of Tom Cruise's movies but I don't agree at all with Scientology but I know the difference between the two. I bet if these same people were told to like the Dr. Doolittle movies then they would soon believe that animals can talk. After watching a lot of these videos, it seems to me that no one in the group has a single original thought or idea amongst the crowd that wasn't told to them to think. In psychology this is what is called " Mob Mentality ", because when people get together in a large group, everyone in that group starts to share the same thoughts and ideas with each other because it is the path of least resistance. It takes more energy to have original ideas and thoughts and then trying to explain them, then to convey them to everyone in the group, where as it takes a lot less energy for everyone to conform to just one set of ideas.

I am just a little mad that I think the Republicans are going to vote no just for spite. Anymore the Republicans and Democrats that want the President to “fail” for there own personal reasons are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. If they don't get their way and get what they want then no one will get anything at all either. I seriously know young children that has better diplomacy then they do. These children have no problems with sharing at all and if they don't get what they want, they may get mad but they don't go around and make sure that no one gets what they want either. These government officials are throwing a tantrum fit and are so jealous that if it wasn't so serious it would be laughable. What is this teaching the younger generation about politics and our government? There is no wonder why this country is where it is at right now because of bull shit like this going on even with simple bills that are being seen. I wonder why this country and it's leaders are among the most hated people in the world. The rest of the world is like the Tea Party right now, there getting sound bytes and half truths repeated non stop on a loop and we wonder where they are getting there ideas that we are a nation of spoiled brats that want it all, and if we don't get it we will take it by any means necessary. I am getting so damn frustrated lately with all the political jockeying and childish power plays that are being done in the guise of helping the people when in fact most are doing it for either there political career or some other self righteous selfish personal agenda. A lot is also to help out the people that mean the most to them, themselves and their pockets.

I think that all of this negative finger pointing and bad press is bad for America on a couple of levels because when you spread the negative news on the president and the ones trying to help out this country people tend to remember that more then the positive news. Now when the president has a bill he wants passed or some ideas to make this a better country the people that only has those negative images and stories doesn't think that his new ideas are any good or has any merits at all. It makes it that much harder for him to invoke changes that are needed. So now the other politicians swoop up to seize on all of them and pander to their fears. It is all so juvenile and it should not be tolerated by anyone in politics or the public. It all becomes a huge negative cycle and then it starts to make the ones that wants him to fail look as if they are right and the so called press backs up there opinions and then the finger pointing starts out all over again, and again. The cycle has to stop somewhere and the truth has to come out and the only way I can think of for something like this to happen is to be better informed by more than just one source of news and to some of your own independent research. To me this is a way to make better decisions and to better know if the ones we have elected to be in office are doing what they should be doing and are voicing what we have to say as a whole. Maybe then we will know that the ones that we think are making all the decisions for us is not just one man rather the government and the policy and law makers.

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