Friday, July 2, 2010


Here is a list of services that this government provides for this country and it's people that is socialism at work. This is not a complete list but a sample of services that either we use on a day by day basis or have at hand in case we are in need of them. There is no reason to fear what you do not know, and if you still are afraid then you should learn about what it is that you are afraid of. Knowledge is power and the key for making better decisions that effect you and this country for the better is very simple, start to get involved and informed about what matters to you. Then voice your opinions to people that is in a position to help you. If the person that is in position to help you does not share your concerns then find one that does. If that doesn't work then put into use the system for in which it was created for and elect an official that will not only suit your needs but society as a whole. Remember that this country is about individuals coming together to make our country better for everyone, not just the rich and powerful but each and every individual person.

addiction-treatment programs, air-traffic control, anti-discrimination laws, anti-trust enforcement, bank deposit insurance, canals, consumer protection, contract enforcement, criminal justice, diplomacy, elections, employment relations, energy generation and transmission, epidemiology, fair labor standards, farm price supports, fire fighting, fish hatcheries, food and drug safety standards, game management, garbage pickup, handicapped transportation, historic preservation, housing standards, immigration controls, insurance regulation, lake districts, levees, libraries, mail delivery, medical research, Medicare, mental-health services, mentally disabled care, money, national defense, occupational safety and health inspections, outdoor recreation (playgrounds, tennis courts, golf courses, etc.), parking ramps, parks, police protection, pollution controls, prisons, public broadcasting, public housing, roadways (streets and highways), rural electrification, scholarships, schools, scientific research, sewerage, snow removal, Social Security, space and oceanic exploration, swimming pools, traffic engineering, unemployment compensation, urban planning, utility regulation, veterans' health care, water, weather prediction, weight and measure certification, wetland protection, workers' compensation.

The Zombie Party

These days it seems to me that George A. Romero might have had something to do with the creation of the Tea Party because to me the people that are following the politics and ideas are acting as if they were a bunch of mindless zombies. After all, when did we start to take everything we see and hear from a politician, in this country, to be 100 percent factual or just take what they are saying at face value. Just because either; A) You like a certain politician or
B) You like or agree with one or two of there ideas does not mean you should follow them or get behind them no matter what they say or do. Please stop and do what it is that they don't want you to do. Think for your self and make your own decisions on what affects your life. Don't be a puppet or a political zombie for the politicians own personal agendas.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Political Fantasy

It seems to me that the Tea Party camp and the Republican party wants us to take whats written in the bible and the constitution literally. What if we were to take there words literally or even at face value?
I think that life would be so much easier and more fun to do as they want us to do, because I myself really like to read fantasy and science fiction books. I am looking forward to visiting Middle Earth then hopping on a star cruiser, whipping into warp drive and then visit all the aliens out there that have been visiting our planet since the time of dinosaurs. I am planning all of this to happen either tomorrow right after I have had my android parts installed or the next day when I have completed world domination on another planet. I mean for real, how can anything that was written by man so long ago be taken so serious and literally at face value? When they were written the economy, education, the rites of all people, and the political climate was so completely different from it is now. Tell me now who it is that is living in a fantasy world? This is another reason for me that most politicians are a joke and that they are just really looking out for themselves by brain washing the lower educated masses out there to to there bidding for them to further there own personal agendas. Republicans and the Tea Party camp..... What's not to laugh at?

No to Fox

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