Saturday, February 26, 2011

Unions and Regulations

Granted, there have been abuses in unions. However, the abolishment of unions would be more devastating than keeping them in place. A mature civilized discussion over overhauling the concessions unions have received will be much more beneficial for our society, than to do away with them in their entirety. Let’s look at some of the concessions unions won for the American worker and then ask yourself if you are better with these in place or not.

Unions brought us some niceties which Americans seem to be taking for granted. It was unions that brought American workers five day/forty hour work weeks. The 401K and health insurance were brought forth because of unions. Even the little bathroom and meal breaks you enjoy are a product of unions. Thanks to unions, we don’t see small children running under operating machinery, cleaning up the scraps that fall on the floor.

Governmental regulations also brought us many niceties in which we enjoy, but take for granted. If it wasn’t for regulations, we would not be guaranteed safe drinking water, foods, or even medication. Before the Clean Water Act was passed, the Cuyahoga River caught fire at least five times, toxically poisoning everything in its path. American’s transportation infrastructure has safety regulations in place to help protect the safety of planes, trains, and automobiles.

To paraphrase Reagan, are we better with unions and regulations? Or are we worse off? This issue does not only effect your future, but also the future of your children and your children’s children future. So think very carefully as to who is looking out for your best interest. Are you better off with child labor laws and workplace safety regulations, or are you better off without them? Are you better off with regulations making the water safe to drink, or are you better off without safe water? Corporations have one agenda, and unions and regulations have another. So ask yourself, are you better off with unions, or should we just abolish them, further catering to the whims of businesses and profiteering?

-Silence Dogood

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